The aim of the conference is understanding of the state-of-the-art, exchange of experience, joint and establishment of cooperation among academic workers, company workers and scientific institutes. The topics of this conference are experimental analysis of stress and experimental and numerical modelling in mechanics.

  • Development of experimental methods in mechanics and their applications in engineering practice.
  • Comparison of the results acquired from numerical and experimental analyses of deformations and stresses.
  • Experiments in mechanics, mechatronics, biomechanics and its relations to computational modelling.
  • Experimental machines, automatization of measurements, evaluation and processing of the results.
  • Problems and development in measuring of residual stresses.
Official Languages
Conference languages are Czech, Slovak and English (no simultaneous translation is available).
Registration Fee

Conference charge (according to 526/90 Czech law) is 220,- EUR and will be paid via bank transfer to account:

ČSOB Ostrava, Holarova 5, 702 00, Ostrava 1, CZ
Account num.: 127089559/0300
IBAN: CZ23 0300 0000 0001 2708 9559
Variable code: 339802
Specific code: …… (ID of participant)

In case of payment for more participants together, please, write down IDs of the participants into the note for recipient.

Conference charge includes:

accommodation56,- EUR
nourishment26,- EUR
registration fee138,- EUR

Registration fee includes organization costs, refreshment, 1 book of conference proceedings, 1 CD, social evening, gifts etc. Registration fee cannot be refund, but in the case of absence of participant, there is possible to send representatives. Accompanying persons can also participate at this conference, their programme and scope of required services must be arranged with organisers. Payment for accompanying persons will be paid at the place of conference.

Conference Proceedings

All participants will obtain conference proceedings and CD during the inauguration of conference.

Important Dates

January 15th 2008 - deadline for preliminary registration. All participants have to register to the conference by filling of the on-line registration form on web site of the conference
January 31st 2008 - notification of acceptance of your paper.
February 29th 2008 - Papers (exactly 4 pages in English) will be reviewed and then published in the conference proceedings. Authors can send also extended version of their papers which will be published on CD (max 10 MB, written in English). Templates for writing of papers will be available on web pages of conference. Final version of papers is necessary to send via on-line form on web pages of conference.

Programme Committee
  • Chairman: prof. Ing. Pavel Macura, DrSc. (VŠB – TU Ostrava)
  • Members:
  • prof. Ing. Stanislav Holý, CSc. (FS ČVUT Praha)
  • prof. RNDr. Miroslav Hrabovský, DrSc. (LD ÚP Olomouc)
  • prof. Ing. Josef Jíra, CSc. (FD ČVUT Praha)
  • prof. Ing. František Plánička, CSc. (FAV ZČU Plzeň)
  • doc. Ing. Miloš Vlk, CSc. (FSI VUT Brno)
  • Dr.h.c. mult. prof. Ing. František Trebuňa, CSc. (SjF TU Košice)
Organizing Committee
  • Chairman: prof. Ing. Jan Fuxa, CSc.
  • Vicechairman: Ing. Radim Halama, Ph.D.
  • Secretary: Ing. Rostislav Kubala, CSc.